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I'm Struggling to Lose Weight

I'm Struggling to Lose Weight

You’re not alone if you’ve spent years struggling to lose excess weight. Many people plan, start, and then drop their diets because they find them too restrictive or can’t resist the cravings.

Others lose weight and then put it right back on. That’s because dieting addresses only part of the weight loss issue.

Family medicine specialist and female physician Poonam Malhotra, MD, at Central Clinic in Spring Hill, Florida, offers weight management services that help you achieve your goal and maintain your weight loss by developing healthy lifestyle habits that last.

Read what Dr. Malhotra and her team say about the benefits of medical weight loss.

What’s medical weight loss?

At Central Clinic, Dr. Malhotra approaches weight loss from an integrative, holistic perspective that helps you lose excess pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

During your initial evaluation, she reviews your medical history, current diet, and previous weight loss attempts and performs a physical exam. 

Dr. Malhotra may also recommend lab tests (bloodwork and/or urinalysis) to determine whether you’re struggling with hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, or other conditions that may affect weight.

Based on the evaluation results, Dr. Malhotra develops a personalized meal plan and exercise strategy based on your lifestyle and food preferences. 

She may also recommend medication or supplements to help control cravings and speed up your weight loss, keeping you motivated as you adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

Dr. Malhotra also helps you develop strategies for maintaining your success once you reach a healthy weight. Her tips include education about hidden calories, foods that can sabotage your goal, and ways to avoid stress eating.

Is exercise part of medical weight management?

Dr. Malhotra believes a comprehensive exercise routine is integral to successful weight loss and management. She considers your current health and preferences when designing a program focusing on stamina, strength training, and flexibility.

For instance, if you’re struggling with arthritis, your plan would include joint-friendly activities such as walking, cycling, or swimming versus running or other high-impact routines. 

Likewise, strengthening and flexibility exercises are also vital to joint health and might consist of resistance band training and yoga.

You may also benefit from sessions with a certified trainer who can provide support as you incorporate exercise into your routine. As you lose extra pounds, movement becomes more enjoyable, and opportunities for increasing your activity level expand.

What are the benefits of medical weight management?

Medically supervised weight loss and management benefits include:

Perhaps the most benefit comes from a team approach to weight loss, including Dr. Malhotra’s ongoing follow-up and guidance to ensure your plan works as designed. 

Don’t struggle with weight loss. We can help. Schedule an evaluation with Dr. Malhotra at Central Clinic today. Call the office or request an appointment online. 

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